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CECHE has developed a variety of media products since 1990. Some products are available free of charge from CECHE and others may be purchased as indicated below. Prices do not include shipping and handling. For more information or to place an order, contact CECHE via e-mail, fax 1-202-965-5990, or write to: Center for Communications, Health and the Environment, 4437 Reservoir Road NW, Washington, DC 20007-2021.


Long Programs & Series

Eat Smart (McNeil/Lehrer Productions, New York City, 1991) - Based on reports from the US National Academy of Sciences and the US Surgeon General, this hour-long Public Broadcasting Service special program
examines the relationship between diet and the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. It also includes dietary advice. Judy Woodruff narrates. English, 57- min. Beta SP-NTSC, VHS-NTSC, VHS-PAL. $15.

A Family Year (1996-97) -- Five part series on diet, smoking, alcohol, environmental pollution, in five languages filmed in 4 Central and Eastern European countries and broadcast in 17 countries from 1996-1998. Czech, English, Hungarian, Polish, Russian. Each part 27 minutes. Beta, SP, NTSC (5 tapes); VHS, PAL, NTSC (1 tape). $35 for the VHS series.

Elixir of Life (1998-99) - Ten-part series on cardiovascular disease prevention. Broadcast on Czech TV 1 from 1998 to 1999. Czech, Czech w/English voiceover. Each part: 27- min. Beta, SP, NTSC (5 tapes); VHS, PAL, NTSC (3 tapes). $30 for the series.

Public Service Announcements

Take Charge: Youth Anti-Smoking (1993) – A series of three PSA’s geared to youth aired on Ostankina, Open Skies Network, and Ukraine National TV. Russian, 30 and 60 sec. BETA-SP, VHS-PAL, VHS-NTSC. $10.

Your Fate Is In Your Hands (1993) - Five healthy lifestyle PSAs featuring Czech celebrities addressing obesity, cancer, nutrition, tobacco, and pregnancy. Aired on Czech TV 1. Czech w/English voiceover, 3 and 6 min. ea. on 30-60 min. tapes. Beta SP-PAL, SP-NTSC. $15/tape.

Vox Populi: Anti-Smoking (1996) – Series of 3 Russian PSA’s, aired on Open Skies Network. Russian, 30 and 60 sec. BETA-SP, VHS-PAL, VHS-NTSC. $10/VHS.

Take Charge (1997) - Three PSAs on cancer, nutrition, and environmental pollution. Aired on Gravis 35 and UNIKA Network, Ukraine. Ukrainian w/English voiceover, 30-60 sec. ea. on approx. 5 min. tape. PAL, VHS SP-PAL. SP-PAL: $10/VHS tape.

Reproductive Health in India (1998) - One 20-minute song and five PSAs on breastfeeding, weaning, infant nutrition, tobacco control (oral cancer) and oral rehydration therapy. Scheduled for broadcast on Jallandhur Doordarshan network. Punjabi w/English voiceover on a 60 min. tape. BETA SP-PAL and VHS-PAL. $20/VHS tape.

Substance Abuse Prevention In DC (1999) – Three 30-60 second PSA’s, one each on tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, filmed in Anacostia, Washington, DC. Scheduled for broadcast on DCTV and other channels, beginning in January 2000. English, VHS-NTSC. $10/tape.

Print(Available in English only.)

CECHE Annual Reports (1990-present) - 16-24 pp. Free.
CECHE Prospectus (1991-1999) - Free.

Global Health and Environment Monitor (1993-) - Eight-page newsletter distributed quarterly to approximately 6000 readers in 56 counties. Annual subscriptions: $25. Individual back issues: $7.50

America's Shame (1998) - This collection of news articles, editorials, and opinions about the U. S. tobacco industry's efforts to promote tobacco abroad was distributed to approximately 900 policy makers on Capitol Hill and around the world. 192- pp. $25.

A Child Is a Child Is a Child (1998) - Nine hundred policy makers on Capitol Hill and around the world received this selection of editorials and legislative proposals suggesting reform of US. tobacco control laws. 42 pp. $15.

Substance Abuse Poster for Youth (1999) - Four-color poster depicting substance abuse prevention—tobacco, alcohol, drugs—for youth, based on program in the District of Columbia. $10 for each 11x17-inch poster via mail.


Environmental Cooperation Bulletin (1996-1997) - This monthly electronic bulletin reports on events, opportunities, and issues in environmental health of interest to the CEE-NIS region. Distributed electronically to approximately 2,000 professionals in CEE-NIS and US. ~12 pp./issue. English and Russian. Free via email.

Global Health and Environment Bulletin (1997-1999) - This quarterly electronic bulletin reports on events, opportunities, and issues in environmental health of interest around the globe, especially the CEE-NIS region. Distributed electronically to approximately 3000 professionals around the globe. ~12 pp./issue. English. Free.

In Focus, CECHE's new online publication, brings into focus lifestyle-related chronic diseases and environmental issues worldwide. It reaches health professionals and policy-makers in over 50 countries

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