Local, National And International Partnerships

Partnerships played a key role in the Internet-Based tobacco Control Program in the Czech Republic.  Partnerships with local organizations, key American and European organizations engaged in tobacco control and outreach to CEE-NIS organizations interested in extension of the program to their countries are summarized below.

Contacts with and participation in an extensive series of international and Czech events by the Czech and American partners created a large number of international partners from the US, Western Europe and the CEE-NIS.  Several CEE-NIS partners have requested assistance in establishing a similar program in their countries.  These activities indicate a solid basis for long-term program sustainability, increasing impact, and potential for replication in other parts of the region.

Categories of Activities Partnerships and Activities
Key Local Partners and Contacts
  • Czech Hygiene Stations in nearly 30 districts
  • Czech NGO's including heart disease & tobacco control organizations
    Czech local and national media: over 21 newspapers, 8 radio stations, 3 TV channels, 4 press agencies, and 4 Internet media
Key International Partners
  • Geneva-based UICC Globalink-for Internet-based tobacco control
  • The American Heart Association, Dallas, TX-for grass roots activity
  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Wash. DC-for policy reform
  • Advocacy Institute, Wash. DC-for media and policy advocacy
  • Food & Drug Administration, Office of Tobacco Program, Wash. DC
  • US Dept. of Health & Human Services Smoking & Health DC Liaison Office, Washington DC
  • American Cancer Society, Altanta, GA-grass roots activity
  • U.S. grassroots organization, INFACT- advocacy
  • BARTER. The Bay Area Region Tobacco Education Resource, San Francisco -the Buddy Program
  • CEE-NIS partners in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Bulgaria, and others-collaboration & program extension
  • WHO's Framework Convention for Tobacco Control-policy reform
  • WHO's "Quit and Win" Campaign-decreasing smoking prevalence
  • NET.C-Internet-based international tobacco control networking
Key Program Dissemination Events
  • Series of press releases to Czech media resulting from each of four workshops/conferences, several national & regional radio interviews, TV interviews (Nova, Prima) & TV news magazines (a total of over 100 activities)
  • WHO tobacco-control activities in Helsinki in October 99, Lisbon -November 99
  • AHA Seminar on grass roots organization-Dallas, TX.-- November 1999
  • Healthy Day activities in Prague, 1999, 2000
  • International conference on tobacco control in CEEC in London-Jan. 2000
  • WHO workshop on tobacco control for CEE countries, April 2000
  • UICC International No Smoking Day, May 2000
  • Harvard University conference: "Sustainability and Access to Health Information: Critical Assessment of Practical Uses of IT in the Developing World."- May 2000
  • WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control -Geneva, May 2000
  • Symposium at 11th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Chicago, August 00
  • AHA annual meeting-New Orleans, November 2000
  • Series of smoking cessation counseling sessions, regional contests on radio for smokers, and posters distributed to all DITs-October 1999-Decemer 2000
  • Regular updates, bulletins, resources on website-January -December 2000
Key Indicators of Program Sustainability and Impact
  • Corporate sponsorships from Czech organizations for various program events
  • Collaboration and partnerships listed above
  • Program & policy representations to Czech policy makers at Parliament's request
  • Establishment of TOB-CCP Network with partners within and outside the Czech Republic
  • Increased interest from publicity from contacts with and regular coverage in Czech news media-- several national & regional radio interviews; TV news magazines; newspaper editorials & articles (a total of over 100 activities)
  • Chairman of Czech Parliament's Health Committee participated in and endorsed TOB-CCP program and its recommendations
  • Establishment of Czech Heart Association, sponsorships from Czech organizations and partnerships within and outside the Czech Republic
  • Increasing use of TOB-CCP website by professionals and public
  • Broad program dissemination and publicity from contacts with and regular coverage in Czech news media-over 100 national & regional radio interviews; TV news magazines; newspaper editorials & articles over 18 months
Key Indicators of Program Extension
  • Several CEE-NIS organizations - especially in Hungary and Russia- requested collaboration to replicate program in their countries



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