Endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Public Health Institute (KTL), Finland.  The Internet-Based tobacco Control Program has been participating in WHO's "Quit & Win" campaign, aimed at creating a global solution to a global problem by helping over one million 'quitters' in 100 countries reach their goal of quitting smoking.

The Quit and Win campaign exemplifies an ongoing tobacco control activity hosted by the TOB_CCP and its members.  The campaign is open to all adults who have smoked for a year or more.  All participants have to refrain from smoking for at least four weeks. Quit and Win began in 1994.  The 2000 (from 2nd to 29th May 2000) campaign was aimed at breaking all records with over one million quitters giving up smoking.  Follow-up studies demonstrate the huge success rates of these campaigns as participants have a 25 percent higher chance of being tobacco-free for over one year.











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