A website for the Tobacco Control Program (TOB-CCP) ( became operational in March 2000. Webpages are available in Czech as well as in English. The website continues to be updated regularly and the contents include About the Project, TOB-CCP Workshops - Internet Training, media relations, tobacco control advocacy - and the workshop programs, Descriptions and evaluations of the workshops, List of Network participants, Important links. This virtual community also links local health advocacy and education institutions with leading worldwide smoking prevention resources. It includes a directory of smoking prevention resources with a list of key contacts, organizational description and resources and hot links to other key web sites. Another listing provides updates on recent news events relating to the prevention of smoking, new study results, highlights of ongoing efforts and updates on upcoming events and issues fora on selected topics relating to smoking prevention, through which anti-smoking professionals (members of the "virtual community") connect and discuss approaches and problems and share resources. The website also features issues of the print and electronic bulletin-Tobacco and Health.

A special Czech listserver or electronic discussion forum was established with the help of GlobaLink of Geneva in October 2000 and expanded as an outcome of a May 31, 2000 conference sponsored by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Rockefeller Foundation "Sustainability and Access to Health Information: Critical Assessment of Practical Uses of IT in the Developing World." The TOB-CCP Network represented by Dr. Sovinova became a member of the expanded listserv. SatelLife hosts this electronic forum at





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