CECHE's programs in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and India encompass conferences and other programs concerning policies, priorities, and infrastructure development for environment and health, some co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and attended by local Ministers and other policy-makers, as well as environmental and health scientists and educators from around the world.

CECHE brings together scientists, journalists, educators, and policy makers from the United States, Central Europe, and other countries to address these health and environmental challenges, especially through the use of mass media in programs focusing on five areas:

Community & School-Based Intervention

Community-Based Tobacco Control Program in South India -- CECHE collaborates with Roshni in Chennai to launch a tobacco-control training and communications program in the village of Pattur.

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in the Czech Republic: -- A model primary and secondary prevention program which extended to half the Czech Republic and aimed at cardiovascular disease-the number one killer in the country and the entire CEE-NIS region.

Mass Media and Community Intervention in India: -- To alleviate the burden of diseases of poverty as well as the emerging epidemic of noncommunicable diseases, this program trains professionals on the use of mass media to create model healthy communities and catalyze reform of local and national public health policies in India.

Health and Fitness in the Inner City in DC: -- A school-based, community intervention program which will improve lifestyle and reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases among children and adults in the District of Columbia.

Substance Abuse Prevention Target of DC Program: -- Demonstrates CECHE's DC health and fitness program in Stanton Dwellings in the nation's capital by training and motivating youth as a means to access inner city communities for prevention of alcohol and drug abuse and smoking cessation.

“Communities Can” Children’s Global Health Symposium with Georgetown University Child Development Center (GTUCDC): -- CECHE collaborates with GTUCDC on Communities Can! Project, that CECHE helped launch in 1992.  To address growing concerns for economic resources; disparities in educational opportunities and health and future prospects of the world’s children, CECHE cosponsored “Caring for Children: A Global Perspective ”— a symposium held May 17, 2001 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, as one component of a GTUCDC-CECHE partnership in GTUCDC’s “Communities Can” program.

A Family Year -- on television: A five-part series that chronicles environmental and health challenges facing families in Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. The series, to date, has been broadcast on national channels in 17 countries and evaluated for its social impact-motivated individuals and policy makers to take steps to improve their environment and health.

Public Health Programs and Policies

A Global Coalition Against Tobacco: -- An international demonstration program that will use mass media, especially national television and information technology to build global networks and awareness, and stimulate action against tobacco in Asia, Central Europe and around the globe.

Elixir of Life: A 10-part series for television in the Czech Republic which emphasizes tobacco control and other health issues for cardiovascular and other disease prevention. The program was broadcast during November 1998 to January 1999. An evaluation of its impact (Elixir of Life Evaluated) demonstrates that good television can motivate individuals to improve their lifestyle and behavior.

International Food Safety: A food safety conference to be convened in Geneva in 2004 will involve WHO, FAO, and CSPI, in collaboration with CECHE.

Global Diet, Food Marketing and Health: CECHE is joining CSPI in an effort to raise awareness among NGOs in developing countries and countries in economic transition about their public health and economic burden of marketing Western diets.

Private Voluntary Action at the Grass Roots

Private Voluntary Action at the Grass Roots: -- A model program in Russia that trained NGOs in the rudiments of survival and catalyzed the formation of a network of some 100 NGOs focused on promotion of environmental health programs and policy throughout Russia.

Internet-Based Tobacco Control Network in the Czech Republic:-- The main aim of this World Bank/InfoDev-supported Internet-based tobacco control communications program is to train health professionals and create a grass roots movement for tobacco control in the Czech Republic.
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