Below are some links to articles describing CECHE programs involving the use of the mass media and other technology.

Professional Training in Mass Media, Technology and Health

Biomedical and Environmental Exchange Program: -- Designed for environmental and public health professionals and policy makers, these short-term exchanges focus on the latest approaches and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and on fostering international collaboration in research.

CECHE Sponsors Nutrition Scholarships at University of the District of Columbia --To enhance UDC’s American Dietetic Association-accredited Nutrition and Food Science Program, CECHE has established an annual scholarship in nutrition at the university’s Nutrition and Food Science program.

CECHE Initiates Public Health & Nutrition Scholarships in India --To increase the potential of masters and doctoral students in nutrition and public health, CECHE is partnering with Lady Irwin college in India to initiate an annual scholarship program.

Information Technology, & Other Media for Physicians' Patient Education Needs:
-- While Americans are knowledgeable about the link between diet and disease, this does not seem to translate into health promotion behavior. CECHE funded a pilot study at Syracuse University to determine how well information technology and other media serve family physicians' needs for health promotion guidance to their patients and the means to insure better health promotion for patients.  Now CECHE is co-funding a national study to assess the same.
Research Results from Information Technology, & Other Media for Physicians' Patient Education Needs study

Russian Cancer Research Center To Motivate, Train Physicians in Tobacco-Control Strategies for Patient Education:   CECHE is assisting the Russian Cancer Research Center and the Russian Public Health Association to design and implement an 18-month program to motivate and train Russian physicians in smoking cessation skills to enhance the number of knowledgeable, skilled tobacco- control clinicians in the country.
Preliminary Results from Russian Physician Training in Tobacco Control Strategies for Patient Education

Media Training:-- Brief reports on outcomes of the Media Training Program launched in 1994 to "train gifted young specialists in television, print and radio and in environmental health to effectively use media for health-related issues."

Internet-Based Tobacco Control Network in the Czech Republic:-- The World Bank/InfoDev enabled CECHE and its two Czech partners -- the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) and the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) -- to implement an Internet-based communications program aimed at tobacco control in the Czech Republic.

Media Archives:-- CECHE offers for sale (and some free of charge) copies of its collection of educational materials in print (newsletters and bulletins) and electronic media (video cassettes of public service announcements and television series) featured on this site and disseminated in various countries and languages.

A Global Coalition Against Tobacco:-- An international demonstration program that uses mass media, especially national television and information technology to build global networks and awareness, and stimulate collective action against tobacco in Asia, Central Europe and around the globe.

Public Communication Using Mass Media

 "Save Harry" Campaign: -- CECHE partially funded and supported a Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)-led campaign to save "Harry Potter"- the iconoclastic figure created by popular author J. K. Rowling and adored by children around the world.  Also visit for details.

A Family Year: -- On television: A five-part series that chronicles environmental and health challenges facing families in Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. The series, to date, has been broadcast on national channels in 17 countries. An evaluation of its social impact showed that A Family Year motivated individuals and policy makers to take steps to improve their environment and health.

Elixir of Life:-- A 10-part series for television in the Czech Republic that emphasizes good nutrition, exercise, tobacco and alcohol control and other health issues for cardiovascular and other disease prevention. The program was first broadcast during November 1998 to January 1999. An evaluation of its impact (Elixir of Life Evaluated) demonstrated that good television can motivate individuals to improve their lifestyle and behavior.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs): -- Series of short educational spots for television produced and broadcast in various languages and countries. The latest are Family Planning PSAs, produced for India.

Family Planning PSAs Testing in South India Shows Cultural Divide: -- CECHE applies its north Indian PSA series to test family planning knowledge and practices among economically and educationally disadvantaged women in Chennai, South India.

Reproductive Health Beliefs Study in South India Yields Results: -- In an attempt to develop optimal communication strategies for family planning in India, this CECHE-sponsored behavioral research project surveyed reproductive health beliefs among economically and educationally disadvantaged women in Chennai, South India.

The Global Health and Environment MONITOR: -- A periodical that informs professionals, the public, and policy makers in over 50 countries about developments in health and environmental issues and points to directions in policy and research and challenges that lie ahead.

The Online Global Health and Environment MONITOR: -- Ten years after its origin, one of CECHE's first publications, the Monitor goes online.  In addition, WHO becomes a leading and regular contributor to the publication.

Global Good Health Through Global Democracy: -- Recognizing the inextricable link between honest and clear communications, better health and a clean environment and democracy and human rights, this effort is supporting democracy on a global scale in an attempt to bridge the gap between public health and human rights.

BREAKING THE AXIS OF EVIL: How to Oust the World's Last Dictators by 2025 : -- a how-to guide by CECHE Vice Chairman Ambassador Mark Palmer tells for the first time the story of all the world's remaining dictators, their vulnerabilities, and how democracy can be brought to their people.

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