Internet-Based Tobacco Control Network In Czech Republic

Public health practitioners from the Czech District Hygiene Stations and health-related non-governmental, nonprofit organizations are the participants in CECHE's Internet-Based Tobacco Control Program in the Czech Republic.  Through their participation in a series of Internet training and communication workshops, they have formed the TOB-CCP Network.

A major goal of the project is communicating through the Internet so that the activities and successes of all expand. Approximately 40 organizations have joined the program to date with one to three individuals from each organization.

Representatives from these organizations attended Internet training workshops in October 1999"(October 1999; April 2000; June2000) and in December 1999 and March 2000 at the Czech National Institute of Public Health (NIPH).  Globalink and subsequently NIPH trained the participants in the use of the Internet and e-mail, networking via the net, and use of the net for research on tobacco-control activities, particularly using Globalink.

Communication among network members continues via regular and electronic mail plus conferences on related activities in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe. Network members are participating in WHO's bi-annual "Quit & Win" contest, a Europe-wide program to reward smokers who quit. Posters and application forms were distributed to all district hygiene stations and other related organizations.  NIPH's March issue of the bulletin Tobacco and Health was published in both print and electronic forms.  Other activities of the network members include increased Internet communication and connections, such as joining GLOBALink, contacting local and regional press for health stories, participating in drafting new legislative bills and presenting information to Parliament.

The Network members are the “grasstips” for development of the grassroots membership organization, the Czech Heart Association.  The network, representative members of which are illustrated below, has grown from an original group of 11 members at the start of the project in summer of 1999 to nearly 40 members by the end of December 2000.

District Hygiene Station
Contact Person
E-mail Address
OHS Rakovnik
Dukelskych hrdinu 100 26901 Rakovnik
Jan Kasal, M. D.
OHS Jihlava
Vrchlickeho 58 586 01 Jihlava
Stanislav Wasserbauer, M. D.
KHS Hradec Kralove
Habrmanova 19 501 01 Hradec Kralove
Marta Tmejova, M. D.
KHS Ostrava
Partyzanske nam. 7 728 92 Ostrava
Marie Hlavsova
OHS Svitavy
Polni 2 568 02 Svitavy
Bohumil Havel, M. D.
KHS Brno
Kabatnikova 10 602 00 Brno
Eliska Bartlova, M. D.
KHS Plzen
Skretova 15 303 22 Plzen
Miloslava Steklova, M. D.
KHS Usti nad Labem
Moskevska 15 400 78 Usti nad Labem
Josef Kral, M. D.
OHS Karvina
Tereskovove 2206 734 01 Karvina
Helena Sebakova, M. D.
OHS Jablonec nad Nisou
Turnovska 40 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou
Miroslava Brozova, M.D.
KHS Praha
Gorazdova 20 120 00 Praha 2
Lidmila Hamplova, M.D.
OHS Kladno
Gen. Klapalka 583 272 01 Kladno
Vilma Pavlikova, M.D.
OHS Teplice
Wolkerova 3 - 4 Teplice
Narcisa Vitnerova, M. D.
OHS Uherske Hradiste
Stara Telnice 1195 686 01 Uherske Hradiste
Jana Hrabalova, M.D.
MeHS Brno
Jerabkova 4 602 00 Brno
Vilma Olejkova, M. D.
OHS Zlin
Havlickovo nam. 600 760 01 Zlín
Kundratova, M. D.
OHS Klatovy
Plzenska 165/II. 339 56 Klatovy
Eva Nova, M. D.
Instit. of Prevent. Medicine MU
Jostova 10 602 00 Brno
Assoc. Prof. Drahomira Hruba, M. D.
Studnickova 7 120 00 Prague 2
Jiri Kozak, M. D.
League against Cancer Prague
Na Slupi 6 120 00 Prague 2
Prof. Jiri Dienstbier, M. D.
Healthy Cities National Network
Srobarova 48 100 42 Prague 10
Ing. Petr Svec
1. Medical School Charles University
Studnickova 7 120 00 Prague 2
Eva Kralikova, M. D.
Czech Red Cross
Thunovska 17 110 00 Prague 1
Mgr. Stanislava Kottnauerova
Youth of the Czech Red Cross
Thunovska 17 110 00 Prague 1
WHO Office
Palackeho nam. 4 128 00 Prague 2
Doc. Alena Petrakova, M.D.
3. Medical School Charles University
Ruska 87 100 00 Praha 10
Jirina Bartova, M. D.
Czech Coalition against Tobacco
Ke Kurtum 328 140 00 Prague 4
Dr. Lenka Kubrichtova
Healthy City Kromeriz
MÚ, Velke nam. 115 767 58 Kromeriz
Ing. Marie Pokorna
Healthy City Zlin
Jana Krynska, M. D.
Healthy City Trebic
MÚ, Karlovo nam. 55 Trebic
PhDr. Jindra Stribrska
Smoking cessation clinic, UVN
U vojenske nemocnice 1200 169 00 Prague 6
PhDr. Jana Koblihova
OS Život a zdravi
Bedrich Jetelina

An assessment of the TOB-CCP Network to quantify the Internet communication activities, web page visits, research, tobacco control campaigns, and e-mail for professional activities, shows that the network has been effective in coalition building and enhancing their tobacco control activities through the network.  Members are maintaining an Internet log of their activities.

About 25 of the 40 members participated in the final assessment of the network, which consisted of a survey of network members in October - November 2000 to quantify the Internet communication activities, visits to web page for research, tobacco control campaigns, or e-mail for professional communications.  The majority of the network comprised members from DITs.  The largest group had initially joined the network in October 1999 after the first Internet Training Workshop.  Most of the members attended two workshops and participated in the "Quit and Win" project.  Technological connectivity was high with a sizeable majority of network members indicating that they have daily access to a computer.  A large group indicated regular use of email for tobacco control-related issues as well as visits to health-related websites.  The TOB-CCP's Website allowed network participation in a listserv in keeping with its goal of promoting tobacco-control outreach among its members and providing accessible information to its members.


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